An ethical platform for satisfied stakeholders

At LiveArts, we make it a point of honor to treat our speakers and clients with ethics and transparency. You create your own profile and define your own service packages with the rates that suit you. Registration is free and we support you every step of the way.

Easy management while keeping control over your profile

You are best placed to define and propose your shows, your semi-therapeutic workshops or your courses in well-being and adapted sports. You have control over your profile, your proposals and your prices! Our teams are there to support you and advise you in order to make it attractive and allow you to receive recurring services.

Requests during your off-peak hours

The majority of services performed with LiveArts are organized during the week and in the early afternoon.

Support for all stakeholder statuses

We pay you by invoice if you are self-employed or by fee if you are an intermittent performer.

Communication is the key to our success

At LiveArts we value the fact that speakers can exchange and discuss directly with clients via our chat.

Simple end-to-end operation

Enter your unavailability, easily accept bookings and negotiate directly with customers.

Create your profile on LiveArts!

If you are an Artist, Art Therapist, Music Therapist, Dance Therapist, Speaker or even a Wellness or Adapted Sports Coach, we are interested in your profile! Easily create your profile on our LiveArts platform. Once validated by our teams, you will be able to start receiving requests for interventions and bring smiles to seniors in all our nursing homes and our client independent living residences.

Our teams support you on a daily basis

Our teams are here to support you in all your steps on LiveArts: creating your profile, easy handling of the features offered by the platform, searching for specialized speakers and any other needs!


Our LiveArts speakers say it best