Specialist senior speakers for 100% tailored services

At LiveArts, we recruit speakers who have experience working with senior audiences so that each show, semi-therapeutic workshop, conference, wellness class, adapted sports class or intergenerational workshop puts a smile on the faces of all your residents.

You choose your own service providers for your residents

You are best placed to know your residents, their tastes and especially their needs. For this obvious reason, we know that it is essential that you have control over the choice of service providers and their intervention proposals. LiveArts allows you to choose your speakers while saving time to help you focus on the essential: the seniors.

Choose everything within your budget

Choose yourself from a catalog of qualified speakers for seniors and adapted to the budget of your structure

Save time

Easily find and book the right speakers for all your events in just a few clicks

Avoid any unforeseen events

In the event of cancellation or last-minute unforeseen circumstances, our teams are here to provide you with an alternative solution.

Take the administrative burden off your shoulders

We take care of everything: sending quotes, invoices and paying independent and temporary workers.

Find the right profile in two clicks

With our simple and ergonomic search, find the perfect profile for your residents among more than 3 000 perfectly qualified speakers for seniors. We make it a point of honor to offer you a rich and varied choice of shows, semi-therapeutic workshops, well-being courses, adapted sports courses, intellectual and cultural workshops but also intergenerational workshops.


Our teams support you on a daily basis

Our teams are here to support you in all your steps on LiveArts: creating your profile, easy handling of the features offered on the platform, management of your services and any other needs or questions!


Our customers at LiveArts say it best